Dash against the quiet (2015)
Premiered in 2016 by Galya Bisengalieva and Robert Ames (of the London Contemporary Orchestra).

By the sound of its voice (2014)
Premiered by Decho Ensemble  (Sax Duo)  10 October in Cleveland, Ohio. Live broadcast on WCLV from the Keybank Studio.

The Weight (2012)
Premiered by Aksiom ensemble 18 January 2013.
Funded by the Arts Council Norway (norsk kulturråd).

Boulez Springar (2012)
Premiered by Ole Karsten Sundlisæter (organ)
at Eivind Grovens organ house 1 December 2012. I samarbeid med Grovens orgelhus, NyMusikks komponistgruppe og Notam. Performed again under the Ultima Contemporary Music Festival 2014.

Iterations (2010)
harpsichord and electric/acoustic guitar.
fp. Jane Chapman and Ole Andre Farstad at NuMusic festival,  Stavanger.
Funded by the Arts Council Norway (Norsk kulturråd).

Iterations II (2010)
for harpsichord solo.
fp. Jane Chapman at Handel House, London. 4/11 2010. 18:30.

Chiaroscuro (2008)
fl. cl. vibr. strings
fp. Oslo Sinfonietta

1976 Polyphony (2007)
Saxophone quartet
fp. Erie Saxophone Quartet, Pittsburgh, PA.

Wayfaring Stranger (2006)
for sopran and percussion quartet.
fp. 10/2 2007 at LSO St Lukes, London by Lore Lixenberg and Backbeat Percussion Quartet. Broadcast on ‘Hear and Now’, BBC Radio 3.

Magnificat (2006)
S.S.S.A. choir

Sonata (2006)
violin and marimba

The Ringing Grooves of Change (2006)
harpsichord solo
fp. Jane Chapman at Cargo in London

Confessions (2005)
S.S.S.A vocal ensemble
commissioned by Ex Toto Corde and funded by the Norwegian Composers Fund

Scissors and Seams (2004)
string quartet and tape

Steep II (2004)
S.A.T.B choir
fp. Vox Humana

Sentient II (2003)
flute quartet
fp. Oslo Vind on Norwegian radio P2

Sentient I (2001)
flute quartet and organ
fp Oslo Vind

Temporalität des Seins (2000)
percussion quintet
fp. Rob Waring and the Norwegian Academy of Music Percussion Ensemble

Steep (1999)
S.S.A.A choir
(Norsk Musikforlag)

Absence (1999)
flute, clarinet,
trumpet, percussion,
vibraphone, violin, viola,
violincello, contra bass
(Norsk Musikforlag)
fp. by Insomnio (nl) on Norwegian radio P2

Little Rooms (1998)
piano solo
(Norsk Musikforlag)

I. World (1998)

II. Astronomy (1998)

Greenlandic Sketch (1997)
flute and guitar